Guestbook for Ed Porter
22.Steven Redding(non-registered)
Hi Ed: Some great shots on your website. As usual, a nice selection of outstanding photos.

And I also used to enjoy the many shots that you posted over the years on the Phoenix Rising photography forum. You have not posted there for a while, and we hope that you come back to participate in the forum.

We changed hosting sites and the web address is now different: If you get a chance you should visit us at:

Steven R.
21.KellyAnn Purugganan(non-registered)
Wow. Beautiful, thank you. Hopefully Dave will be in touch soon.
19.Kim Fimpel(non-registered)
Nice to be able to out a face with your name after all of these years hearing Mark mention you from work! Beautiful pictures!
18.Deborah Lambert(non-registered)
Wonderful pictures. Thanks for taking great care of my aunt and cousin. Love, Deborah
17.Liz M Tulsa OK(non-registered)
Absolutely INCREDIBLE! You are so very talented. Loved looking at your work! Thank you for making it visible to us!