Guestbook for Ed Porter
26.Faye Malek(non-registered)
Ed, Thanks for providing a wealth of knowledge for our "Red Hat" group of gals on Friday! We have a great time and you added to our day! A beautiful day and your photos bring enjoyment to those folks who are not able to get out there and see the beauty of nature for themselves. Keep up the great work.
25.Chris Olson(non-registered)
Ed, Thanks for everything on Tuesday. I really enjoyed watching your slideshows. I love your eye for composition and your subject matter, as well as your skill at taking sharp, visually stunning and meaningful photos! Chris
24.Kirstin Cooper(non-registered)
Ed, met you today 9/5/15 at the library in Kingston and checked out your web site. The pictures are amazing...I love the depth and draws the artists eye towards heavens creation and His love of details. Thanks for showing my kids the snake and letting them hold Joshua loves snakes!!!!
23.Chad Beckius(non-registered)
Ed, your photos are amazingly beautiful, illustrating the majesty of all of God's creation. David shared your page with us at dinner last night and I'm so glad he did! I've bookmarked it as a place to go for respite!
21.KellyAnn Purugganan(non-registered)
Wow. Beautiful, thank you. Hopefully Dave will be in touch soon.