Guestbook for Ed Porter
23.Chad Beckius(non-registered)
Ed, your photos are amazingly beautiful, illustrating the majesty of all of God's creation. David shared your page with us at dinner last night and I'm so glad he did! I've bookmarked it as a place to go for respite!
21.KellyAnn Purugganan(non-registered)
Wow. Beautiful, thank you. Hopefully Dave will be in touch soon.
19.Kim Fimpel(non-registered)
Nice to be able to out a face with your name after all of these years hearing Mark mention you from work! Beautiful pictures!
18.Deborah Lambert(non-registered)
Wonderful pictures. Thanks for taking great care of my aunt and cousin. Love, Deborah
17.Liz M Tulsa OK(non-registered)
Absolutely INCREDIBLE! You are so very talented. Loved looking at your work! Thank you for making it visible to us!